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About Us

Your Trusted IT Advisor

We’re a trusted, full-service IT supplier, providing solutions ranging from storage and networking to printing and consumables. Our team of specialists in Dell, HP, Microsoft, VMWare and numerous other vendors is well known for its fast and flexible approach, and for providing sound advice about product selection. We are accessible and reliable – and our long-standing relationship with many of our customers is testament to our excellent customer service.

We provide customers with creative, flexible solutions that we deliver quickly and without fuss, to support your business needs.

A Short History

Established in 1982, we’ve achieved strong growth year after year growth by providing our customers with consistently excellent service, technical expertise and competitive pricing. Don’t just take our word for it – read what our customers have to say.

Our first offering was a 16-colour card for Apple computers, before branching out into printer sharers and mechanical KVM switches. We then became a niche supplier of KVM technology and server cabinets, and subsequently realised there was a demand from existing customers to expand our service offering to encompass IT hardware, software and IT services. As a result of this, we’ve prioritised investment in these areas and have significantly expanded our expertise to ensure we continue to meet our customers’ requirements in today’s ever-changing technical landscape.

1982 Keyzone established

1994 Electronic KVM's introduced

1997 Founding MD retires. First website launched

2002 Server racks and cabinets introduced

2004 Keyzone secures major contract valued at more than £2M

2005 Dedicated IT Hardware sales office established in Windsor

2006 IT sales team expanded in Windsor

2009 Wembley and Windsor offices merged, with new offices in Slough

2012 Our 30th birthday

2013 Transacted the first Dell Compellent Flash Tier solution in the UK

2019 Record sales year for Dell hardware

2020 Extended working hours providing critical supplies throughout the COVID-19 pandemic

2022 40 Year Anniversary

2024 New website launched!