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Our Unique Approach to Sales: Personalised Service Over Online Stores

Many IT suppliers opt for cost-saving measures by establishing online stores where customers can conveniently purchase products. We, too, followed this path until recently. However, it didn’t truly align with our core values.

Firstly, our extensive product range defies conventional limits. We didn’t want customers to exhaust their patience scrolling through endless pages of items, nor did we want our team to grapple with maintaining a vast online inventory.

Secondly, we’ve always championed the personal touch. Each of our customers enjoys the dedicated support of an Account Manager who is readily available whenever assistance is needed.

This personalised approach not only ensures better products and competitive prices but also allows us to provide accurate lead times. Consequently, the need for an online store seems superfluous in light of our commitment to exceptional service.

How to buy from us

If you’re already a customer, you should know who to call! Give your Account Manager a ring and they’ll be happy to help you.

If you’re not (yet) a customer, just ring our office number or e-mail us at sales@keyzone.com and let us know what you need.

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