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Where's the shop?

Other IT suppliers try to reduce their cost-of-sale by providing an online store where customers can buy things – and so did we, until recently. But it wasn’t really us.

First of all, it didn’t showcase our full range of products – because our range is almost unlimited. We didn’t want our customers to wear their fingers out scrolling through endless pages of products, or our team to wear out their brains maintaining a store with thousands of products on it!

Secondly, we’ve always preferred the personal touch. Our customers all have a dedicated Account Manager who they can get in touch with directly any time they need something.

We find that approach gives our customers better products at better prices than they can get anywhere else – plus we can also provide accurate lead times. When we can do all of that for people, an online store just doesn’t seem necessary.

How to buy from us

If you’re already a customer, you should know who to call! Give your Account Manager a ring and they’ll be happy to help you.

If you’re not (yet) a customer, just ring our office number or e-mail us at sales@keyzone.com and let us know what you need.

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